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My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: November 2010

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Free Printable Alphabet Poster...

Because I'm an all round fantastic gal, I've created an Alphabet Poster for you to Print for FREE and enjoy immensely. It is a photograph of the needle felted letters I made for Emma.
No fancy PDFs here - Just click on the link here to download and print from there. Make sure you choose 'fit to page' to size it to either A3 or A4 paper.
I've just printed it on normal copy paper here and framed it in a Ribba frame from IKEA. I'm sure if you print it on photo quality paper print a little brighter than mine.
This was originally going to be a tutorial on how to make this Alphabet bag (below),but I found the experience of using the iron-on transfer paper just too traumatic, and was quite unimpressed with the finished result. I will save you the heartache and cursing for now, we may revisit a similar project another day...
I hope you enjoy your poster, feel free to give it as a gift but please do not sell any copies, it's for personal use only.
I haven't tried this photobucket method before, so don't hesitate to leave a comment if you are having trouble downloading it
Cheers Cinti

edit: I am happy for you to spread the word about my printable poster, but please link to this post rather than the direct printable link. Thanks for your understanding.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

Animation Friday - wee

I've officially 'Jumped the Shark' and resorted to toilet humour this week. You see, it's already been one of those laugh or cry days...
Thanks to our household's very efficient water conservation efforts,we abide by the above principles of flushing protocol. Emma has been very into water play and pretend cleaning of late, and decided (whist I was trying to sneak in a few extra ZZZ's) that swabbing the bathroom, hallway etc... with a face washer soaked in eau de toilette (not french floral kind) was a great idea. So in short the house smells like wee. So if you are having a crappy day just think of me and be thankful you don't live in a urinal (unless you do - sorry).

Being the committed blogger that I am, I'm posting instead for cleaning. Now where are those nose pegs?

Here are some simple instructions on how to make moving pictures...Go on have a play, you've got all week. Post it to your blog and link here so we can all see. Remember to link back to this post so your other readers can join in to. Feel free to grab a little button for your sidebar.
xx Cintia

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Change of Venue...

NEWS FLASH: due to unforeseen circumstances the Venue for the Sugar and Spice market on Sunday (in Ballarat) has changed

the new venue is :

St Alipius Parish Hall
76 Victoria Street (the main road into Ballarat from Melbourne),
9am - 1pm

Please help spread the word. I know Ali (the organiser) has made every effort to prevent this event from being cancelled. It will be a very early start for me, hope my car makes it this time...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Snails Pace...

I think someone has pressed the slow motion button in my brain this week. I have a million-billion* things that need to be done, so much new stock to photograph and upload to the shop, and general correspondence to attend to. I do appologise if I need to get back to you about something, am getting there slowly.
So I managed to update the shop with 3 items yesterday - whoo hoo!
This pretty dress is my favourite because it has a lovely story behind it...made by the girls from Heavenly Creatures especially for me from some of my vintage fabric collection.
You all know I have a lot (maybe too much) fabric, so I always jump at the opportunity to barter some of it for other awesome things.
This dress is a size 4, and as much as I would love to keep it for Emma, 2 years is a little bit long for me to hold onto it. So I have decided to pop it in the shop, hey why not share the love?

*figures may be slightly inflated

On a different topic, Etsy has now introduced discount coupons - Head over to my Yard Sale shop an get a 15% discount on all purchases. Just use YARDSALE as the code at the checkout

over here
Cinti does Vintage

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Monday, 22 November 2010

Pudding Day...

I made my first Christmas Pudding today...well when I say 'I', I really mean we. Under the tutelage of the awesome Shelly from Little Sparrow; Pilgrim, Kirstie and I made a pudding each and had a brilliant day just hanging out.

No instructions here because I did more chatting than paying attention to recipes. Emma was let loose on Shelly's pets and possibly enjoyed her day even more than me.
I finally met the most stylish woman in the world, in the flesh! Yes, she is really as fabulous as I imagined.

Yes a fabulous day...


Friday, 19 November 2010

Animation Friday - Yum Yum!

I've been making lots of these felt macaroons for Mathilda's Market on Sunday. They look so delectable that I wish I could chomp into a couple!

I've been using Picnik alot for my animations and am really trying to see how creative I can be with the features it offers. I know a lot of you are curious as to how I make these little effects. I may write some simple tutorials if anyone is interested. Is anyone interested?

Go and have a play on Picnik, it's easy, web based and free (although I've upgraded to premium and think its worth it). The trick with the animations is to edit/fiddle and save at different stages of your picture.
Have fun!

Here are some
simple instructions on how to make moving pictures...Go on have a play, you've got all week. Post it to your blog and link here so we can all see. Remember to link back to this post so your other readers can join in to. Feel free to grab a little button for your sidebar.
xx Cintia


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Happy Vintage Find...

I took a bit of time out from market preparations on Monday to go for a big walk and visit some of my local Op-shops. The lucky finds fairy must have sprinkled her Op-shop fairy dust on me, because I came home with a huge hall of books, as well as other lovely stuff (that I may eventually get around to posting, but probably not)This little board book from 1974 (it's as old as me!) filled me with lots of happy, happiness!
Illustrator and Author unknown, this is the English translation of the original German version.
I love what the children in the illustrations are wearing, especially these little green overalls with heart knee patches.
I may make a pair for Emma.


Monday, 15 November 2010

Retro Christmas...

I was so excited when my fun Retro Stockings were featured on The Design Files today. I made them as a bit of a refreshing alternative to the masses of traditional red and green that we get bombarded with at this time of year. These little kids are just so sweet, the little boy on the bottom right reminds me of Emma for some reason, maybe its the hair.

I made Emma one too, this will be the first time I've ever had a Christmas stocking in my home. Never had one as a child, we celebrate the Argentinean way and enjoy a big meal on Christmas Eve with the presents all waiting under the tree to be opened at midnight. When you're a kid that wait till midnight is a killer. Santa was just a jolly man you were photographed with at the local shopping centre, he never really came to our house. Once or twice he left a sack outside the back door, but my sister and I were always suspicious.

In Spain and Argentina (and some other part of South America) the real pressie surprises are delivered by the Three Wise men on the 6th of January - The Epiphany, when biblically the wise men visited and delivered gifts to the baby Jesus.
My sister and I would polish our best pair of shoes and leave them out on the Eve of the 6th, then in the morning there would be presents.
I remember one year my sister wanted a My Little Pony and threw a tantrum when she got something else, a few minutes later 'magically' $7 was found under her shoe. Crisis averted!

Anyway, my point is that Emma will probably grow up with a hybrid of Christmas traditions, Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Stockings and Shoes. Lucky her...

Does your family celebrate this festive season in a slightly different way?

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Saturday, 13 November 2010


I stumbled across a lovely new addition to the numerous online magazine offerings that have appeared of late. Gifted Magazine, full of beautiful photography and products, holiday craft projects and really interesting interviews with artisans about their design processes. There is even links to free printable papers and tags.
If you get a spare 10 minutes, treat yourself and have a read, and the gift to you is it's Free!
Have a look at the cute felt mushrooms on page 94, would you like me to write a tutorial on how to make them?

Gifted uses a fantastic website for viewing called ISSUU. It's a digital publishing platform that has millions of publications including magazines, newspapers, catalogues and books.
I find it a great place to find interesting and inspiring publications and view free previews of book and magazines. You can even have your own virtual library.

I've created a little list of Free online mags that I like on my Links I ♥ page.
If you have any favourites that I've missed be sure to leave a comment so I can add it.

Have fun reading

xx Cinti


Friday, 12 November 2010

Animation Friday - Bickkie monster...

Emma will put on a little show when tempted with a bickkie (as she calls them). That's me holding a rice cracker in front of the camera. A really easy animation to show that you don't have to create anything fancy to be involved. No cropping, editing, or styling here, just post breakfast mess...

Here are some simple instructions on how to make moving pictures...Go on have a play, you've got all week. Post it to your blog and link here so we can all see. Remember to link back to this post so your other readers can join in to. Feel free to grab a little button for your sidebar.
xx Cintia

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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Yard Sale...

Well the Yard Sale is in full swing...I've been busy cleaning out my cupboards and uploading lots of vintage goodies on to my Yard Sale shoppe, aka Cinti does Vintage. It's funny because Cinti does Vintage was my old label, I never got round to properly opening an Etsy shop, and here it is in quite a different incarnation.

I've already made a few sales, and spent a bit of my earnings too!

Check out Pilgrim's Yard sale here for great fashion accessories, and Allison's here for craft books and vintage wallpaper. I bought a couple of books from Allison today...

The list of participants is here, there is still time to join in if you have stuff that needs selling off.

I'll be adding more stock to my shop every day (if I get the chance, so make sure you stop by regularly).

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Have you noticed Christmas decorations are going up in stores already? I've always felt anything before December was a bit premature. But in the world of online stores, with postage and delivery times to contend with, November is a good time to get your orders in. Think of how good it would feel to have your list ticked of with a couple of weeks to spare?

For some reason I was feeling unusually festive yesterday, I know, Scroogy Cinti who doesn't put up a tree, requests no presents and doesn't send cards. (Yes I really am the family Scrooge)

I made some stockings. Fun, bright, non-traditional ones, because red and green Holly just doesn't do it for me. So if you like, your Christmas a little bit Retro and a lot Vintage, you've come to the right place... get your warm felty stockings here and your summery fun stockings here.


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Market Preparations...

I've been sewing and felting and packaging up new stock for the up-coming Mathilda's Market event at Caulfield Racecourse. I'm quite excited that it's nice and close to my old shop, hopefully some of my fave customers will stop by.
I'll give you some sneak peeks of new stock in the next weeks.

Ok, back to work now. Toodles!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Reading nook...

I made these big floor cushions for Emma's room yesterday, she now has a reading nook. You can find the step by-step instructions on how to make them on the Made of Cloth blog.

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Animation Friday - Blue Bird

If a blue bird came to visit out place, it would feel right at home in its own little bird house. Although I think it would have to be toilet trained...I don't need 'good luck' on my lounge suite.

Is your animation Spring themed this week?
Here are some simple instructions on how to make moving pictures...Go on have a play, you've got all week. Post it to your blog and link here so we can all see. Remember to link back to this post so your other readers can join in to. Feel free to grab a little button for your sidebar.
xx Cintia


Thursday, 4 November 2010


I had a craving last night for some Bacon & Eggs, the no fat felted kind...guaranteed cholesterol free.

A perfect little gift for fans of pretend/play food, and perfect for dads that would appreciate a break from pretend cup cakes and 'rosy tea'.

Get yours here...


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Have You Seen My Puppy? Day at the Zoo...

I picked this adorable book up last week from a new Save the Children Charity shop that has recently opened in Elsternwick...

I love the illustrations circa 1968, the colours are delicious and the style so of it's time. I also like that the boy's name is Jody, not really a common boys name any more. I thought it was appropriate to share since we had a visit to the Zoo only yesterday.
Luckily zoo enclosures have improved since the 60's with the animals having a bit more room to move than the illustrations in the book, although most looked a little bored sadly.

I sort of have mixed feelings when i visit zoos. I love that they raise awareness about conservation and help preserve endangered species, but also feel for the animals in their fancy, but still too small, enclosures.

Emma was quite excited when she saw a giraffe, according to her they sound like a cross between a sheep and a really loud monster...hehe!
Pictures of elephants sound like elephants, but real elephants sound like monsters too! All in all a nice day out...

If you've found me through Bkids, welcome! I hope you stay a while and visit often...

Save the Children
304 Glenhuntly Rd
Ph: (03) 9523 9832

Have You Seen My Puppy?
ISBN 0 00 138159 8
Author: Adelaide Holl
Illustrator: Joe Veno

Melbourne Zoo


Monday, 1 November 2010

This week at Emma's House...

After a week of being stuck at home with a yucky cold, the thought to a long weekend with some 'Family time' sounded appealing (read Daddy looks after Emma whilst Mummy regains her sanity!).

On Sunday morning I headed off to brunch with a long time friend, super yummy breaky, chat, chat, chat, awesome book idea, that's another story...came home and 'Super Dad' had built Emma a TV box house. Being a practical kind of guy, the house was very functional, but lacked a certain style...Thanks to the magic of Picnik, it now has a lovely window box, and apple tree and a pet bunny. I've even managed to make the weather inside the lounge room sunnier than the weather out.

Hope you all enjoy your Cup Day holiday, not in Melbourne? Too bad :( I'll think of you whilst I'm lying in. hehe!

Check out what everyone got up to this week over at Lou's