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Sponsor Profile - Scruffy Dog

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My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sponsor Profile - Scruffy Dog

I know you all love my fabulous sponsor this month, Scruffy Dog Shoes. But did you know they also make a beautiful range of socks and tights?
I was really impressed by the high quality of these samples Leila, from Scruffy Dog, kindly sent me. Even Emma's Nan commented on how nice, soft and warm they were. I've been looking for knee high socks for Emma for a really long time (they are almost impossible to find), so when I opened the parcel I squealed with delight!
And don't they look amazing on? Emma often wears shorts over a pair of tights, she is not really a skirt kinda girl, so I think wearing a tights/shorts combo makes her look a little less boyish.
I'm amazed I managed to get any decent photos, she won't stay still at the moment!I really love long socks under pants in winter for a bit of extra warmth, and the elastic on these will keep them up without cutting into the chubbiest of legs. We didn't get time to model the tights but I can assure you they are great too. The tights are available in 11 plain colours which make them easy to match with any outfit (including school uniforms), and are available in six sizes ranging from 6 months to 10 yrs. I could go on and on because this range is really great, and the price is even more amazing.
The tights are $12.95 a pair and the socks only $4.50 a pair!! Seriously people, $4.50!

If you want a pair or ten, just head over to the Scruffy Dog website and Email Leila with your order (they don't have an online shop, just personal service).

Oh and while you're there, check out their awesome range of shoes. If you order directly from them you can receive a really decent discount off the retail price, just tell them My Poppet sent you.

Thanks Scruffy Dog for sponsoring the blog and allowing me to share your fabulous product with all of my readers...

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