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I'm back...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: I'm back...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Saturday, 2 July 2011

I'm back...

...did you miss me?

Firstly I'd like to say a huge ARIGATO *bows deeply* to all my amazing friends that contributed to the blog whilst I was away. I was really able to enjoy my break knowing that I'd left my readers in good hands.

I flew in on Thursday and am still trying to get my head around the whole trip, but I promise to blog all about it as soon as I can organise my thoughts. There is a lot to share!

I've only just gotten through my e-mails and will work on getting all your orders out by Monday.

Emma is a little angry at me I think. Yesterday she told me to 'Go Away! Go Away on a Plane mummy!' My heart broke a little bit, and of course the mummy guilt set in. But it's understandable, I'd be severely p'd off if I didn't get to go to Japan.
I'm glad to say she's coming around, and I suspect using my guilt to her advantage. She is super cheeky and much cleverer than me I'm ashamed to say...

Of course I brought her back some little treats, her favourite are these froggy sock slippers, and an umbrella which she makes me open and close constantly. I'll share some more of her pressies later.

Emma has discovered the suitcase full of goodies I have brought back for the shop, apparently every thing in there is 'just perfect'. Haha, I don't know where she picked that one up from.
She is coveting the bento boxes, they are pretty adorable...

I'll slowly take pictures of everything and pop them up in the shop when I get a chance. Watch this space.

Oh and in Japan frogs say 'Kero Kero', hence Kerropi, my fave Sanrio character.

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