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Sponsor Profile - Green Nous by Scruffy Dog

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My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Friday, 4 November 2011

Sponsor Profile - Green Nous by Scruffy Dog

We often hear a lot about how big companies are doing their bit to be more earth friendly, "carbon offset this, greener strategy that..." But sometimes I think the big boys should learn a little bit from the little guys like Scruffy Dog, who have used their common sense and started Green Nous.

GreenNous is an initiative founded by the people at Scruffy Dog shoes, with the aim of doing a little bit for the environment by recycling material that would otherwise likely be discarded. They encourage others to think about how the apparently useless stuff they come across on a daily basis might be reused or put to some good use and then turn those thoughts into action. It's all about green nous: commonsense recycling.

GreenNous in action:
Local "Reverse Garbage" is their office supplier where they get: arch files, filing cabinet, work benches and some very comfy office chairs. Local shops and post office give them their discarded cardboard boxes which they reuse for shipping Scruffy Dog shoes to retailers.
An old bicycle found by the roadside has become their vehicle for the daily small parcel run to the post office. Pedal Power Yay!

Not only do these common sense initiatives save the environment, it saves them money too.
I really like the idea of teaming up with other local businesses to help them reduce their waste output. Re-using materials uses up no energy compared to the whole recycling process, there by saving other businesses money on recycling and waste disposal services as well.

Good one Scruffy Dog.

Go and check out the great kids shoes Scruffy Dog make over on their website. There is no online shop, but Leila will be happy to organize your order, just email them.

Breaking News: Scruffy Dog is now on facebook, pop over and LIKE their page and tell them My Poppet sent you :)