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How To: Needle felt Heart Garland

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: How To: Needle felt Heart Garland

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday 22 November 2011

How To: Needle felt Heart Garland

This is a very easy and pretty project for those new to needle felting. Make as many hearts as you like to decorate with love this festive season.
For a beginners guide to needle felting you should check out my previous post: Needle Felting Basics

You will need:
Wool roving (assorted colors)
felting needle and pad
Heart shaped cookie cutter (metal or plastic)
embroidery thread in a complementary colour
Tapestry (long) needle
How to:
1. Gather your supplies, we will be using the cookie cutter as a mould for our felt shape.
2. Stuff the mould with some wool, to avoid the risk of needle breaking make sure the thicker lip of the cutter is up most.
3&4. Start needling the wool to flatten and compact, add more wool if required. To avoid felting the shape into pad, lift it out of the mould and turn over regularly as you needle. Remember to keep your needle at a 90 degree angle to the pad so there is no risk of breaking the needle against the metal cutter.
5&6. Once you are happy with the thickness you can remove the mould and do some surface needling to tidy up the fuzzy stray wool fibers.
7. Repeat in assorted colours until you have as many hearts as you like. I've made seven.
8. Arrange your coloured hearts. Don't they look pretty? Take a long strand of embroidery thread and thread your needle. Make a big knot in the end
9. Thread on your hearts.
10. Space your hearts out on the thread and make a loop for hanging at the top. All done!

This garland looks lovely hanging from a door knob, or make a long one and string around your Christmas tree. You could even try using different shaped cutters for a fun assortment of different themed garlands, stars, spots, or even little gingerbread men maybe?

I'm sure you will enjoy this project. Please feel free to leave any question in the comments.

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