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How To: Fabric Covered Easter Egg

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: How To: Fabric Covered Easter Egg

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

How To: Fabric Covered Easter Egg

This is a very easy project to make with some pretty fabric scraps. A load of these in a bowl would make an impact, or why not hang them from some branches in a vase for an interesting table decoration.

You will need:
-1 medium or large Styrofoam egg shape (available at craft stores)
-some scrap fabric min size 8"x8" depending on size of egg
-length of co-coordinating coloured yarn
-safety/craft knife
-butter knife

1. Mark your egg into quarters
2. With your blade cut along markings about 1cm (1/2") deep. Too shallow and you wont be able to push your fabric in, too deep an your egg will come apart
3. Cut 4 tear drop shaped out of your fabric, it can be all the same fabric or for interest 4 different assorted coordinating fabrics. It's best to cut the fabric on the bias so it can stretch over the egg shape. Size does not have to be exact as you can always trim it down, just make sure it is large enough to cover the area with about 1/2cm to spare
4. With our butter knife gently push the edges of the fabric into the cuts. If there is too much fabric poking out, gently pull it out and trim it back until all the edges tuck in neatly

5. Repeat this process on all 4 quarters.
6. Take your yarn and wrap it over the grooves, knotting and finishing with a bow on top.
If you are intending to hang the eggs you can make a knotted loop for hanging.

I hope that was nice and easy, this is a fun one to do with kids (as long as adults are doing the cutting) and can be adapted to many Styrofoam shapes.

Look out for the next egg tutorial coming soon!

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