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Getting to Know You - Jolie from Hey Bambini

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Getting to Know You - Jolie from Hey Bambini

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Monday, 4 April 2011

Getting to Know You - Jolie from Hey Bambini

The one thing we try to do every weekend as a family is go out to breakfast on a Sunday morning. Mr Man works 6 days a week in a very demanding job so unfortunately for him he doesn't get to spend much time with Emma or I. Breakfast out is a great chance for us to catch up on all the weeks events and enjoy some yummy Hollandaise without worrying about all the dishes. We often love checking out new places, but sometimes it can be a bit hit and miss if the cafes turn out not to be very family friendly.

That's where Jolie of Hey Bambini is a godsend. We met at a networking walk 'n' talk a little while ago and hit it off immediately as out interests are very similar - food, travel and vintage loveliness...Let's get to know her a little better...
Tell us about yourself?
I’m Jolie and l run the website “Hey Bambini – Dining out with Baby”. I find and review all the child friendly cafes in Melbourne. My family and l live in Brunswick East and at our place you’ll find my hubby, two children – Oscar (2) and Elliot (6months) and my dog – Jazz.

Why did you decide to create Hey Bambini?

When l first moved to Melbourne l fell in love with the concept of going out for breakfast – the whole routine of finding a cafe – enjoying the food and having a great cup of coffee was something that l really loved to do most weekends. I must admit it’s a favourite past time of waking mid-morning and my hubby and l would mosey on out to have a quiet breakfast together while reading the weekend papers. So when l became pregnant with my first son l was worried that l wouldn’t be able to go out anymore for breakfast, and that my whole lifestyle was going to be turned upside down – (which it was) but l was determined not to let go of the one thing l enjoyed so much. Sure the drinking and the partying can take a back seat and l was prepared to sacrifice that aspect of my life but not my coffee and eggs! I was inspired by my local cafe, Small Block, which is just perfect for families. And l got to thinking surely there must be more than one child friendly cafe in Melbourne and that’s when l started my quest on finding baby friendly cafes. Cute name, how did that come about?
My husband is Italian and l must admit his Italian background has been a huge influence in my life since l met him – he is very passionate about his heritage – we even got married in Italy! So when l was thinking of a name l wanted something catchy and quirky. So l looked through the Italian dictionary for words and names that translate around a child theme. Hey Bambini is of course Italian for “Hey Babies”

Flat white, Cappuccino or latte?
Skinny Latte – no sugar.

When you are not exploring Melbourne for the next café to review, what do you enjoy doing?

I love spending time with my children and we do all sorts of fun stuff like hang out at the Zoo and Museum. l highly recommend getting a yearly family pass as we can come and go as we please, also we are very lucky that we only live a few minutes from each venue. Also Oscar has all the usual stuff like Playgroup, Soccer and Library. When I’m lucky enough to have some “me” time I’m either Op shopping for vintage treasures, my latest fad is vintage Pyrex kitchen ware, I’m slightly obsessed with second-hand goods and books! And I always have a ‘project’ on the go whether it be crocheting a new blanket, sewing stuff for the kids or painting a saved piece of furniture from hard rubbish and when l get a spare moment away from the kids and work I’m working on those. What’s your latest and greatest recommendation?
There are so many great cafes in Melbourne that cater for the kids and some of my favourites that l have visited lately would be my local Small Block, the staff are laid back and Oscar LOVES the gingerbread men and the kids corner, Moby Cafe which is in Torquay which has a FAB playground for the kids and of course Ceres Cafe – they serve some of the best organic food going round.

How do you balance being a mum and running your business?
It’s hard work! But I’m blessed with great in-laws who LOVE taking the kids off my hands if l have work commitments. I try to aim for a few hours each day in the office and try to attend all the networking events I’m invited to. Some days are productive and others not so much – the kids always come first. I try not to turn on the computer on the weekends – l believe that’s family time. My husband is very supportive and he’s a good motivator. He doesn’t mind being dragged around trying different cafes, as long as he gets his short black and big brekky he’s happy.

Would you ever open your own café?
I would LOVE to open a Hey Bambini cafe but l think I’ll have to fight my hubby for it. His dream is to open a wine bar – maybe we could combine the two!

Thanks for sharing Jolie, I think a wine bar with 'All day breakfast' would be a big hit, goodness knows there a days where I could use a stiff drink before 5!