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How To: Applique Template Free Printable

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: How To: Applique Template Free Printable

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How To: Applique Template Free Printable

A little while ago I posted this tutorial on how add knee patches to jeans. It's a simple way to get some extra life out of your kids clothes. This week the lovely and very talented Draw!Pilgrim has created some free printable templates that can be used to create cute patches to make those tired duds into something special. Read on for links and instructions for using template...

Here is the link to the template
So be gone yucky hole, and HELLO cute pants!
You will need:
How to add knee patches tutorial
Printed applique template
Scrap fabric
Double sided fusible web (like heat n bond)
General sewing supplies as per knee patch tutorial

How to: 
Follow knee patch tutorial for general sewing instructions.
Print out the template to your required size 100-120% is a good size depending on your hole.
Iron on your fusible web onto scrap fabric as per product instructions.
Trace on your template shape and cut out.
Position your patch.
Peel off backing paper and iron on to pants. 
Now with a thread that matches the colour of the patch use a wide zig zag stitch (satin stitch) to sew the patch onto the leg.
For pear or apple, iron on and sew the stem piece first, then the body of the fruit.

Thanks Miss Pilgrim for these cute designs, I bet they'd look cute on all sorts of sewing projects. 
I'm thinking on bags, pockets, pillow cases, tea towels...
What will you put them on?

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