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Optus MeTV: The Verdict (and yummy Salted Butterscotch Popcorn!)

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Optus MeTV: The Verdict (and yummy Salted Butterscotch Popcorn!)

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Optus MeTV: The Verdict (and yummy Salted Butterscotch Popcorn!)

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Last month I posted on the new Optus MeTV internet service that arrived on my doorstep.
Now here is the verdict you’ve all been waiting for with baited breath!
Just to recap, MeTV is an internet TV service which also lets you record, pause and rewind free to air television.

What I like about MeTV:

I really love the Series Record function where you set the box to record every program in the series and watch at your leisure. I’m often busy just doing ‘stuff’ and when I finally get a chance to sit and watch some TV, there is nothing interesting on. Now I can just recall one of my pre-recorded programs any time it suits me. It has 1TB of storage so that’s a lot of shows.
I have set also the box to record some of Emma’s favourite programs like Play School, which means I can have a shower without being harassed by said toddler.

We’ve also had a couple of Movie Nights with the download to rent a movie option. I’m terrible at returning DVD’s to the video store, so I’m sure I’ve saved a fortune in fines already.

And you know what goes great with movies?
Here is my super special, totally, improvised but tastes amazing, Salted Butterscotch Popcorn recipe to munch on while you are watching your fave TV program. You’re welcome!

And talking of movies. Another interesting inclusion is Movie Box which includes 30 free (pre-selected) movies a month. I was pretty excited about this, but was a little disappointed as the movies on offer are quite old and/or a bit B grade. Mannequin anyone? I’d also like to see some more G rated kids films on there, because as you know, kids love watching the same thing over and over!
Movie Box has great potential, especially if they include some old classics. (Elvis musicals? Just sayin’)

Another thing that I would LOVE MeTV to be able to access is other internet Tv services like ABC iView. If it had that, it would be perfect!

So will we keep it? I think yes, especially if it’s bundled in with our other Optus services.

Here is some more info:
• For $9.95 a month, pause, rewind and record all your fave TV shows so there will always have something on – without having to pay for cable or buy box sets
• Download to rent the latest new release movies to keep you and the kids entertained without having to go to the DVD store from $5.95 each
Plus additional channel packs available for Kids and special interest for $6.95 a month each. You can add and remove these monthly, you aren’t locked in.

And just a warning on the popcorn. If you eat a whole bowl, you will get a tummy ache. I learnt the hard way.

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