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Room Tour - Cherry's Nursery

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Room Tour - Cherry's Nursery

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Monday, 5 September 2011

Room Tour - Cherry's Nursery

The thing I love most about blogging is sharing ideas, stories and inspiration, that's why today, I feel privileged to share a peek inside Cherry's beautiful room. These gorgeous images were taken by Elle, a creative and beautiful new mama, who has just started writing a blog of her own called Cherry and Me. Elle is a graphic designer with a background in the arts industry, so as you can imagine, she has a great eye for colour and design. Cherry is one lucky baby girl. I'm sure you will all agree that this room was just too pretty not to share.I asked Elle a few questions about the space:

Cherry's room is filled with a lovely collection or vintage pieces, where did you acquire them from?

Most of my vintage things have been collected overtime from childhood and from my grandparents house after they passed away. I was very, very close to them. My grandfathers name was Jerry and that's where the name Cherry comes from. My blog is dedicated to Nana Nina and I've featured the photography by Papa Jerry as my first ever blog post. Back in the day they ran a business where papa would shoot portraits for families and nana would hand colour the black and white developed prints. My twitter image is the most gorgeous photo of nana eating a cherry wearing a straw sunhat. I love it!

What's your favourite piece in Cherry's room?

My favourite piece in Cherry's room is an oil painting by my mum Natalia, above Cherry's feeding chair. It's a pretty babushka doll on a candy pink background, coated in high gloss enamel. She is an incredible artist, trained in Russia, with a passion for nudes and nature. I'm an art lover and collector, so this is the first piece in my daughter's art collection.
What does Cherry enjoy most about her room?

Cherry's favourite piece in her room is the hand made butterfly mobile (Made by Mosey), a gift from 'aunty' Lauren. She gets totally mesmerized by the spinning black and white butterflies! Every night, just before bed, we talk to the the butterflies and tell them all about our day. we also ask them for nice dreams, blow them a kiss and wish them good night. It's our little secret ritual.

You can see the full room tour here on Cherry and Me.

Thank you Elle and Cherry for letting us take a peek into your beautiful home.

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