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Custom orders now open...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Custom orders now open...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Monday, 30 November 2009

Custom orders now open...

On Friday I was asked by a lovely customer if i could make some skirts for her daughter, because I don't have too much on at the moment I was happy to accept. Her brief was 3 skirts, sz 4, fairy colours (pinks, yellow, orange, purple), likes flowers and butterflies, no blue, green or red, and whatever took my fancy!I couldn't wait to get cracking on this one and really delved into my vintage fabric stash. I enjoyed this project to much that I am opening up orders to everyone on the following conditions:
1. Will limit the orders taken to 10 skirts in total (so first come first served)
2. Expect to wait up to 2-4 weeks (again first come first served on this one)
3. Give me a few guidelines, what you like/dislike etc...colours, brights/pastels, florals, retro, ruffles, pompoms? you tell me.
4. I have ultimate creative control, I'll decide on style, fabric, trims etc...and will meet your brief as well as i can. You'll just have to trust me on this one.
5. You must love surprises - Control freaks need not apply. Please don't ask me to make a skirt to match a specific garment/outfit.
6. Some things you can be sure of - Elastic waist, mainly vintage fabric in great/mint condition, 100% cotton fabric, prints (no allover block colours), no denim, very pretty...
7. The following are the standard measurements in cm I'll use.
If you require a skirt with different measurements all you need to do is send the waist and length you require and I'll make it to fit.
sz 2- waist 53, length 30
sz 3- waist 53, length 33
sz 4- waist 54, length 35
sz 5- waist 55, length 37
sz 6- waist 55, length 40
I will happily make up to a size 10 but please supply measurements for those sizes not listed above.
8. Skirts will be $45 each regardless of how simple or embellished they end up being.
9. You can order online or through the store, pre-payment is required.
10. International customers welcomed, please order online.
Now that's the business part out of the way...Tell me what you think.
My favorite is the orange petal skirt below, I drafted the pattern on the fly and think it's really super! It can be worn any way you fancy, even inside out...

Can't wait to start sewing...