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My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Wednesday, 10 October 2007


I have long known, that the one thing i am really good at doing is procrastinating. The majority of my time at school and uni was spent putting study/work/assignments off, writing lists of jobs to be done, then watching copious amounts of television. Then most semesters ended in a mad rush of all night study sessions and lots of tea! (I don't drink coffee)
Nothing has changed. Now I sit in the shop, mainly just blog surfing and writing lists of things that need doing.
1. Write a press release (boring!)
2. Pay lots of bills (double boring!)
Unfortunately the deadlines i seem to set myself have so far been very chance that press release will be written any time soon then?

Next really important job on my list - Complete Sudoku or should I say Jew-do-ku from the Australian Jewish News i received in the mail today - genius! Print this one out and have a go.

Must promote some product now I suppose...
More great stuff from Fiona at Monstar. These sun dressed are made with hand screen printed fabric, printed by Fiona herself. I have one in each size available in sizes 1/2/3/4. And yes, I can post.

And because I don't show off my own work enough, I have thrown in a picture of a 'Cinti does Vintage' bib and matching bassinet quilt for good measure.

Time for some Jew-do-ku people!