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Optus Me TV - A Review

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Optus Me TV - A Review

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Optus Me TV - A Review

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It’s not often that Mr Man gets enthusiastic about my blogging, until I was asked to review the new Internet TV service called MeTV by Optus. He is a bit of a TV junkie and had been asking for something like this for ages, so you can imagine how happy he was that I accepted the challenge. He even helped me take these photos, crazy times!!
The courier delivered everything we needed to get started. There was the Fetch Tv box which lets you record, pause and rewind Live TV with a whopping 1TB of storage and a modem router thing which connects everything to your internet so you can use the Optus internet TV service. Oh and of course all the wires and instructions too.

I was really impressed at how clear and easy to follow the instruction booklets were. Every step had detailed pictures with a clear checklist to ensure nothing was missed. It probably took about 20 min all up with no cursing at all. The only disappointment with setting up was that I didn’t have to use these colourful cables.
Initially I thought that MeTV was like a cable service but it’s totally different. Yes you can subscribe to on demand internet channels and movies for a fee, but mainly it allows you to program and record free to air programs.

So now I’ll be having a play to see how it all works, I just need to wrestle the remote off the Mr.
Here is some more info:
• For $9.95 a month, pause, rewind and record all your fave TV shows so there will always have something on – without having to pay for cable or buy box sets
• Download to rent the latest new release movies to keep you and the kids entertained without having to go to the DVD store from $5.95 each
• Plus additional channel packs available for Kids and special interest for $6.95 a month each. You can add and remove these monthly, you aren’t locked in.

We will be giving the MeTV a thorough test run here at My Poppet HQ so tune in shortly for the results.

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