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Welcome to the new look My Poppet!

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Welcome to the new look My Poppet!

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Welcome to the new look My Poppet!

All has been quiet in Poppet land whilst I've taken a break to refresh my ideas and revitalize my spirit.
My crack team of behind the scenes minions have been working night and day to get the blog and shop looking super cute. 
If you are viewing this post via a reader, I suggest you click over right now to bask in all it's glory.

So here is a quick summary of the changes:

You can now find all my tutorials and printables on their own page, just click on the tab in the menu bar above.
You can also find short cuts to various categories,  sponsorship info and a heap of other great content up there.
My favorite is the 'Behind the scenes' page which shows you what I'm up to right in the real world via the magic of Instagram.

Lots of new social media buttons on the side bar which will let you connect in the way that suits you best, and if you are looking for the archives, they are right at the bottom.

But the biggest change you will notice this year is the content. Last year I really enjoyed blogging daily, but the truth is, I worked myself to the bone and left no time for actually making things that I enjoyed. Emma is starting half day kinder, and we may be renovating, so this year I expect my homelife to be a little chaotic.

So the best solution to keep things fun and relevant, is focusing on my love of crafting.
I will provide you with one great original craft project "How to" a week. Simple.
Rain, hail or shine, you can look forward to getting your weekly dose of crafty inspiration from My Poppet.
All I ask from you is to enjoy! If you like what I'm doing, tell your friends and share the love. Get involved in the conversation via the comments or on facebook. I love hearing your thought and stories and often they inspire other people too. Oh and please support my indie sponsors, they are all really amazing women that run some great small businesses.

The shop will carry on offering great quirky products, but I will be clearing some clothing to make way for more patterns and maybe an e-book or two. Eeep! I usually announce shop sales on facebook so make sure you like the page to get the inside scoop.

If you think you may like to become a sponsor of the blog pop over here for some quick info. I also have a press pack that details the variety of packages on offer.  Just email me cinti (at) mypoppet (dot)

Oh and a big thanks to Pilgrim Lee for designing my new brand identity, and to CC for helping me with some tricky HTML code. It's nice to have friends that know stuff.

I think that's all. It will be the last waffle I promise...So what do you think? Is the change good?