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Sponsor Profile - Paul & Paula

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Sponsor Profile - Paul & Paula

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sponsor Profile - Paul & Paula

Kids really don't know how lucky they have it. No responsibility, taking naps whenever they like, and best of all, they fit into these amazing creations from Paul & Paula.
I wish I could wind the clock back 30 (cough) plus years so I could get away with becoming a ladybug or dragon for the day...Kerstin is the creative talent behind the Melbourne label, as well as designer, sewer, pattern maker...that's right, she makes every stitch of clothing with her own hands!
Kerstin was born in Germany and trained there as a textile engineer, but never really enjoyed the anonymous offshore mass production aspect of the garment industry.
Four years ago love brought her and her talents to Australia, and now she is a mum to the most adorable little model Iggy. Being a mum is keeping Kerstin super busy, but she is never far from her sewing machine and still finds time to create new designs every season.

"Sewing is my passion and often my obsession!" Here Kerstin tells us about the birth and growth of her label...

"No - my name is not Paula and it's not the name of my kids. The legend of Paul and Paula is an East German movie which I probably watched way too many times in my youth.

While still at Uni I started selling ladies clothing to a couple of handmade stores across Berlin. I'm horrible with throwing things out (a chronic hoarder) so with bags full of off cut materials I decided to make kids clothing for friends with new babies. That was the real beginning of Paul & Paula.

Making kids clothing is so much more fun- you can let your imagination run wild. But trying to make a pattern according to my crazy ideas is often quite a challenge. Most of the time it works out!

I still make everything myself. I cut, sew and stitch the whole thing together. Checking every detail by hand over and over again has become a bit of an obsession (it might have something to do with my years working in quality control!).
In the past year my sewing machines have been running full steam and it can get pretty hectic in my little studio.

It's a great feeling to see Paul and Paula grow and every order sold to a little indie shop, at a market or via Etsy still makes me jump for joy.

But I have to confess dressing our little boy with clothes made by me is still my greatest pleasure."

Here is Emma wearing her favourite top. She is totally obsessed by ladybugs at the moment and when I saw this ladybug top, I knew she would love it! I couldn't resist taking a photo of my little 'ladybug' riding her favourite playground ladybug!

Kerstin has chosen to use a brilliant quality fabric which is nice and warm and washes beautifully, I can see we will be getting lots of wear out of this top.

Thanks to Paul & Paula for generouly sponsoring the blog this month and making Emma a very happy little girl who is the envy of the playground!

Pop over to the Paul & Paula etsy shop, I challenge you to come away empty handed. Kerstin also accepts custom orders for special sizing if required.

Paul & Paula
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