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The week that was...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: The week that was...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The week that was...

Did you miss me? I do apologise for leaving such a long gap in between posts, it just feels like this week sort of slipped by.
I must admit I have been feeling a little flat, a bit listless and sort of couch potato-ish, so any bursts of energy I've had have not been spent blogging but in the following fashion:

I present to you the Week that very vague chronological order

Thanks to my sister's veggie patch I now know how to cook giant squash and zucchini in 101 different ways...If I don't eat squash ever again it will be too soon...Although zucchini 'au gratin' was not too bad, Bechamel sauce makes everything tasty!
Those of you with toddlers can appreciate that keeping the house in any sort of order is no mean feat. This is what happened when I had a shower, you can imagine what the rest of the house ends up like when my back is days are a constant losing battle of cleaning and tidying.

Thanks to this crazy rain we've been having and the generally coolish summer temps. my recently planted veggie patch is going a bit mad. I've been tending it lovingly, watering, picking leaves and staking unruly plants. My basil and lettuce are thriving, the tomatoes have plenty of flowers and my only disappointment is the dill that seems to be rotting away. Over watering perhaps? Advice appreciated on this one.

I've also been packing lots of orders, making macarons and some new items for the shop. I had a lovely customer from New Zealand request I put together a selection of fabrics for her, the remnants of which inspired this little fabric charm/scrap pack in a truly pretty colour combination.

New bibs from vintage towels (available next week)
And finally some Super Stylin' fun with Emma, thanks to some amazing Korean clothes that I ordered online and a few items picked up on tuesday at the GAP sale.

So that was my did it compare to yours?

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