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1 week...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: 1 week...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Sunday, 3 May 2009

1 week...

Well, one week on and, Oh boy, the sleepless nights are really a challenge. Why do babies sleep happily during the day and scream the roof of at 4am? One of life's little cruel jokes I guess.
Anyway, I'm sure you can all relate, I'm clinging to the hope that things get better with time.
Apart from the not sleeping at night, little Emma is really a joy. I can't imagine what my life now would be without her.
Takes alot longer to get anything done, thank goodness I have a supportive partner and a great team looking after the shop at the moment.

Jo and Estelle have been brilliant, and the shop is looking a million bucks! Drop in and say hi, if you haven't met them already.

Some new Monstar stock has arrived in store for those of you that are interested, Estelle tells me customers were buying items straight out of the box, talk about keen!
You can check out the full range on their website, call the girls at the shop if you would like anything put aside.