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Open for business...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Open for business...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Open for business...

Holidays have just flown by and we are open for business again. Although with this stupidly hot Melbourne weather I don't expect to be very busy!The store is in Super Sale mode. I went a bit mental with my red marker over the weekend while Mr Cinti was building this wrapping paper holder.I've really slashed prices on summer clothing and t-shirts. I'm desperate to make some room for the winter ranges that are coming in shortly. Ridiculous I know, when the temps. are hovering around the 40 deg mark all week!

Labels on Sale include- Mon*star, Chalk'n'Cheese, Itch, Little Brown Mouse, Ally J, Cherry Stew, Nanoou, Chook Leaf, and a few other random bits and pieces.

Come in early for your pick of sizes and styles. I've also made a small sale section on Poppet in the Post for the marked down items listed on-line.


One of two of you may be interested in 'What I did on my holidays' (the rest of you can do something more interesting like the washing-up). Point form will make it less painful for most of you.
- Stayed sober for Christmas and New Year, which makes that time of year extra difficult to deal with!
- Went in a big plane trip to a lovely place where the towels in your room are made to look like animals. We had swans and monkeys, but my favorite was the elephant.
-Read lots of books because it rained most of the time
-Managed to get a tan on my belly, because much to my mothers horror, I wore a bikini!
-Grew my belly lots. From this at the start of Jan (notice toes still visible) to this today (toes have magically disappeared!)
-Spent lots of money on a pram that, if we all inhale, just fits into my little car.
-Went to the cinema to see this most amazing film. If you haven't seen it already, go and treat yourself. It had me in tears of sadness and then tears of happiness from one minute to the next. The tears probably had a lot to do with my crazy hormones, but still good in any hormonal state. Even Mr Cinti thought it was 'alright' which says a lot for a film without a 20 car pile up and helicopters flying into buildings etc...
-Fired up the sewing machine, sneak peek of some new stock...

-and generally slept in a lot.

I'm trying to build up my energy for the big year ahead. Moving house, new baby and trying to keep My Poppet functioning, I'm exhausted just thinking about it...