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Grand Opening...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Grand Opening...

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Friday, 17 August 2007

Grand Opening...

Well, finally after many months of hard work it's open! My Poppet, a collection of lovely things for little children. Lots of well designed and handmade pieces by local Melbourne and Australian designers and artisans (including me).

It took a while (especially after alot of self doubt and procrastination), but it's amazing what one can do when you set your mind to it.

I have always wanted my own blog - I have been reading them for years and never had a really good reason to start one until now. I suppose it takes something you have great passion/excitement about to make you want to share it with the broader community. I have always admired all of you crafty people out there and i thank you all for the inspiration you have provided to all us common folk plodding along from one day to the next. I hope through My Poppet I can share some of your brilliant work with the non-blogging community of Melbourne.
Now, I will apologise in advance for my poor spelling/grammar and excessive use of (inappropriate) punctuation and exclamation marks!!

With that out of the way...lets take a tour of my lovely store.