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Getting to Know You: Jessica of SewSet

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration: Getting to Know You: Jessica of SewSet

My Poppet : your weekly dose of crafty inspiration

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Getting to Know You: Jessica of SewSet

Today I've interviewed Jessica from Me Sew Crazy, an amazing lady who had a big idea and really made it happen. Jessica has created SewSet, an ever growing on-line sewing directory, aimed at bringing all of the fabulous sewing tutorials and patterns that are spread out over the web onto one site.
As an 'ideas woman' myself, I know how difficult and frustrating it can be to constantly have brainwaves, but never be able to find the time and energy to make them a reality, so I really admire Jessica for getting this project off the ground, and oh so elegantly!
Read on for the full interview...

Congratulations on the creation of SewSet, was it a an idea that evolved over time, or did it come to you fully formed?
Thank you so much Cinti!  SewSet is something that came to me as an idea, a very small idea, and continued to grow as I spoke it over with my husband.  In fact, it is not done growing!  We see so much potential in just how we can foster SewSet into something that would be really exciting for the sewing community!  I was just so frustrated with never being able to find the tutorial I needed, not remembering who the pattern maker was or when I stumbled across it, when I actually wanted it.  Why wasn't it all in one place yet, and easy to find?  After seeing this void in the sewing world, I spoke with my husband about it and he gave me the foundational seed of technology to accompany it.  It evolved from a giant link party, into an advanced search engine for the sewing community. 

What was the hardest part about getting it off the ground?
Money.  Is that bad to say?  Lol.  It's the truth.  Finding an engineer that was free in her spare time, and willing to lend her expertise and time in the field we needed - all while keeping it under a reasonable budget.  Add to that the lack of free time both my husband and I have, it has really been a team effort!

You mentioned that your husband helped you get the project off the ground, did or how did, having someone else on board assist in it's creation?
It has been fantastic having Greg involved!  To have someone share a dream with is something that I would want everyone to experience.  And not only is this 'someone', this is my partner in life - my best friend - my husband.  To have his support and help throughout it all means the world to me, I couldn't have done it without him.  We both view things completely differently, so when we talk about any issue we usually come up with two very different ways to handle it.  Having those different viewpoints, and two different knowledge bases, gives you a perspective you may not have come up with on your own, and options to really see the best way moving forward.

What other features are you hoping to implement?
We are still working on basic features at the moment including the option to search by skill level, social widgets, and featuring designers.  Our goal is to not only give the independent designer a place to be found, but to bring value to them in being a part of SewSet, and there are many different ways we are hoping to achieve this!  We want SewSet to be an exciting experience, where users find something new every time they come.  Where they can connect with other seamstresses and designers that have the same passions, and become a part of the ever growing on-line sewing community.  By tackling the more basic features first, we are working towards the more exciting features that lay ahead with real time social interaction.

What has been the reception to the site so far?
I am honored and humbled by the reception so far.  It has been so fantastic to see people not only loving SewSet, but using it on a daily basis!  In the very short time since we have launched, we are fast approaching our thousandth pattern in the system!  It seems to me that people have been waiting for something like SewSet to come around, and now that it is here they are excited to come on the journey with us to see where it will go.

If you love to sew or are just a beginner, write patterns or tutorials, you should really check out SewSet. I've added some of my sewing tutorials to the directory, it only takes a few clicks, and I'm curious to see how the community evolves as the site develops. I'm sure you will agree that Jessica has done an amazing job.

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